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Dhamma Bodhi
Bodh Gaya Vipassana Centre

Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka
in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Updated on February 14, 2019
Onging Projects

Dhamma Hall Extension

Dhamma Hall Extension work/room for instaling SUTTAM drive & for the visitors GS etc Rs 850000/- (Rs. Eight Lacs Fifty Thousand only). It is inclusive of Footing , RCC (M25 Mortor ) structure, plaster, Brick Work, PCC flooring, Sliding Doors & Windows, Painting, Electrical Work. (There is increase of amount as compared to earlier estimate because of change of structure , design & size)

Strong Room

Strong Room :- Rs 300000/- (Rs Three Lacs only). Rates inclusive of RCC structure (M25), MS Beam, Plaster, Fixing of Godrej Door, Painting, etc.

Dinning Hall

Stopping of leakage at Dinning hall building, by replacing damaged sheets & nut, bolt, washers & laying bitumen sheet.( Approx Cost depending upon actual work at site ) Rs 130000/- (Rs One Lac Thirty Thousand only)

Guruji Niwas

Renovation & Extension of Guruji Niwas to conduct parallel cources with the strength of 20 - 25 students. Inclusive of renovating two small rooms with attached baths in Guruji Niwas for conducting ATs.Approx budget Rs 300000/- (Three Lacs) depending on quantum of work & "on the spot" decisions.

Dhamma Bodhi - Bodh Gaya International Vipassana Meditation Centre
Gaya-Dhobi Road, Near Magadha University,
Bodhgaya, Bihar 824 234

Office Landline: [91](631)220-0437
Course Office ( for student related queries only): [91] 99559 11556

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